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"Langley Parkway Phase 3 again! JOIN THE OPPOSITION." By Langley Parkway North Blogspot

Discussions about completing Langley Parkway Phase III (aka "North") have returned. As the Concord City Council will be reviewing and then approving the FY2023 Budget this CIP project may get approval for development in the very near future.

Although it can be difficult to discern who the proponents are this time, and those with enough influence and power to realize the nightmare, it is clear the Mayor and Manager are on board.

State of the City Address 4/7/22
Tom Aspell Jr (City Manager) Talks about Langley Parkway III (aka "North")

In 2015 Mayor Bouley recused himself from the discussion as reported on Patch. Is he or will he participate in discussions or influence others on the project? My opinion over the years have been explicit and vocal as reported on Patch and other places.

Note from Concord Greenspace Coalition's A CLOSER LOOK: ETHICS & TRANSPARENCY: Mayor Jim Bouley's lobbying firm, Dennehy and Bouley, continues to represent Concord Hospital's interests. The question should be asked why the mayor commented on an issue regarding Langley Parkway at the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee on December 16th (minutes page 3, 10d) under current council rules it appears that the mayor should have recused himself and not spoken to an issue regarding Langley Parkway.

Fortunately, there is a dedicated group of people organizing to oppose this project. Join in the effort to oppose LP3 with Concord Greenspace Coalition NH.


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