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Parks Not Parkways

UPDATE: At the City Budget Hearing on June 9th 2022, City Council voted to permanently remove the Langley Parkway Phase 3 from the capital improvement budget. Thank you to all those who made your voices heard!  Learn more about the "Parks Not Parkways" initiative below.


There's more work to do! 

Contact us to be part of the "LP3 Next Steps" Team.   

Stop Langley Parkway

Please sign the petition for Langley Parkway section 3a (the community nature path) to be put into permanent conservation and used as a wellness trail.  Thank you!

Please return YARD SIGNS to your original pick up location.


Parks Not Parkways




The LP3 (CIP 40) is the third phase of a 1950s highway plan which would bulldoze the community nature trail north of the hospital creating a 65-78 foot wide parkway. The road would extend the existing Langley Parkway near Granite Ledges to an already congested North State Street.


This $22 million dollar city construction project would financially impact all Concord taxpayers with no clear deliverables, irreparably destroying natural wetlands and wildlife ecosystems. The existing trail attracts and connects people of all ages and supports a thriving recreational community.  Learn more.


LP3 purports to solve traffic issues and this is not the case.  At best, it would merely shift congestion from one neighborhood to others. The traffic data from the Feasibility study is outdated and assumes that the final destination for all of the cut-through traffic is Concord Hospital when current data shows the congestion is traffic heading to the High School and State office parks.  The city has been neglecting roadways and infrastructure that could more easily and affordably be updated to improve traffic flow. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 4.39.36 PM.png


LP3 begs the question if the Concord community wants to develop Concord like Nashua, Manchester or communities to our south, or do we want to preserve the unique characteristics of our city? 

Image by Marius Le

Why Remove LP3 from the Budget?

As long as the parkway remains in the budget the City will move forward with construction as soon as a funding source is found - and they are actively looking for funding.  When the City finds the money, it will be too late to complain and LP3 will be built. The only way to prevent this is to force the City to remove CIP 40 from the budget.

Benefits of Removing LP3 - Creating Concord's 1st Accessible Wellness Trail

The next step after removing LP3 from the budget is to request the land be put into conservation. Then, we can apply for a grant to make LP3 (section a) one of the first accessible nature trails in Concord.  The wellness trail will connect to the Trails Connecting Concord project enabling all of Concord to connect on foot or non-motorized vehicle thus honoring the vision of the City of Concord's Master Plan

Removing LP3 from the budget has enabled Lincoln Financial developers to have certainty over the existing property so they can move forward with design plans to develop to create much needed housing.

Enjoying the Woods
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