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Tonight is the moment!

Dear Neighbors,

Tonight is it: the moment when City Council will be asked strike Langley Parkway Phase 3 from the city budget!

THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to help get us here! Whether by signing the petition, contacting City Councilors, or testifying at last week's budget meeting, you have made your voices heard.

But we're not at the finish line yet. We are asking you to take one more action to defeat Langley Parkway for good.

  1. Attend tonight's budget hearing (Th 6/9 at 5:30pm at City Chambers next to City Hall) please RSVP here. If you are comfortable testifying that will be a huge help, but even just being there makes a difference! Guide for public testimony below.

  2. Contact your Councilors today if you have not already done so. More information below and here.

Councilors have been listening to how much this issue means to our community; your advocacy is making a difference!

Thank you for all you have done, and all you will do, to protect Concord's green spaces.


PS. If you absolutely can't come tonight, you can watch the hearing live via YouTube streaming here.

Template to Write your Councilors
Download PDF • 44KB

Guide for Public Testimony (Concord Greenspace Coalition)
Download PDF • 498KB

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