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Our Work

Concord Greenspace

Concord Greenspace (CG3) is a grassroots, all-volunteer, 501c3 Non-Profit organization advocating for smart growth, equitable development and local climate action in Concord, New Hampshire.  "Smart growth" covers a range of development and conservation strategies that help protect our health and natural environment, and make our communities more attractive, equitable, sustainable, and financially resilient. We work to ensure a thriving city and healthy environment for generations to come.


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To advocate for smart growth, equitable development, and local climate action in Concord, New Hampshire.

CG3 was born in April 2022 when residents from all over Concord came together to oppose the City's long standing Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 plan. We called the movement "Parks Not Parkways".   The overwhelming response to this initiative inspired CG3 to continue to protect and promote green spaces in Concord by advocating for equitable, smart, sustainable development and local climate action.  We take on projects that fit with at least two out of our three mission priorities: smart growth, equitable development, and local climate action. CG3 is an official chapter of Strong Towns.  Please join us!


​We envision a Concord in which all residents in all neighborhoods can enjoy living in a city that is healthy, safe, and thriving.

CG3 and its members act with, and are guided by, the following values:

  • Integrity Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the Coalition as well as the Coalition’s behavior as a whole.  Honesty, transparency, trust and respect lead our efforts.

  • Fairness Treating everyone with the common decency we all deserve and expect. 

  • InclusionThe Coalition will succeed by bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal voice. 

  • HumilityNo one has all the answers. A culture of continuous learning is a bedrock principle of our Coalition. 

  • Collaborative Problem Solving When people work together, they can create something greater than themselves as individuals. The Coalition eagerly partners with other community stakeholders.

  • Positive Solutions - not problems. 

  • PassionThe Coalition takes joy in the work we do and also in the people around us. Together we can be bold, innovative, and creative advocates for our mission.

"Change happens when ordinary people show up with compassion and courage."

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