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WHAT COMES NEXT for the walking path?

Hi everyone,

I've had many questions about what comes next for the community walking path. First, to be very clear, CIP40 - Langley Parkway Phase 3 - is gone, no more 78 foot wide parkway from Granite Ledges to N. Main Street. We can walk the path, and developers can start drafting important housing plans for the Brady Sullivan property, without the shadow of Langley Parkway.

Next steps:

  1. Let's give the LP3 team a well-deserved break!

  2. Let's take a moment to CELEBRATE and enjoy this critical win!

  3. Let's be sure to thank City Council members who supported us!

  4. Stay tuned - we'll be in touch!

Thank you ALL for your continued support and engagement!

If you'd like to be more involved in next steps - please be in touch. This is an all-volunteer effort and the more Concord community members involved the better. YOU have so much to offer.

Thanks so much!

PS. This is just the start for the Concord Greenspace Coalition - we have exciting new projects brewing - join the team!

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