Attend the I-93 Expansion
City Council Meeting 
Tuesday Oct 11th
7-11 pm City Chambers
NHDOT is fast-tracking 20+ year old plans to widen I-93 from 4 lanes to 8 between Bow through Exit 15 - doubling the width of the highway and making concrete the divide in our city.  The time is now to stand up for our city's 20+ year old vision for a deck park and pedestrian river bridge to unify Concord and connect residents to the Merrimack River.  This is a huge economic opportunity for Concord, but if we don't act now the opportunity will be lost forever! Learn more here.
Join the effort to ensure NHDOT lays the groundwork for connecting our city:

1) Provide YOUR feedback here!
2) Attend the I-93 City Council mtg on 10/11 RSVP.  No public comment but our presence will be felt!
Write to 
City Council today!

We need strong community input NOW from individuals like YOU!
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I-93 Expansion TPAC Meeting
Multiple Dates
Sep 15, 6:00 PM EDT
City Hall (2nd Floor Conference Room)