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Zoning Initiative


Currently, the City is in the process of updating its Zoning Ordinance, transitioning from a "Traditional" zoning code to "Form Based" zoning.  This relatively new zoning approach is being used in urban centers like Concord that want to encourage dynamic, pedestrian-oriented development that meets the changing social, cultural, and economic needs of its community.  Check out ConcordNext the City's website for the new zoning ordinance draft where they have a public feedback form.

Smart Growth America's report: "
Zoned In: Economic Benefits & Shared Prosperity with Form-Based Codes" shows how form-based codes produce better economic outcomes, lead to positive impacts for equity and equitable development, and provide the best zoning and regulatory framework for good smart growth development.

The report documents how, when communities adopt form-based codes, instead of conventional, complicated zoning rules that separate uses and encourage sprawl, communities can more easily add more homes for more people while increasing property values and tax revenues—but not necessarily housing costs.

Concord Greenspace utilizes research produced by 
Smart Growth America and we are an official chapter of Strong Towns.

Join the Zoning Team by attending an upcoming

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A New Master Plan

The City is gearing up to work on a new City Master Plan.  Do you have ideas?  Join us!

Healthy Transporation

Concord Greenspace has a green transportation sub-committee for all those passionate about walkability and bikeablity.  Check it out!

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