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Kicking Off 2023 with Concord Greenspace - CG3!

Happy New Year Greenspace Friends!

There’s much to look forward to in 2023, so let’s jump in! This past fall, the Concord Greenspace hosted a series of community meetings to explore how our organization can best serve the Concord community. We received a huge amount of invaluable input and used this feedback to revise our mission statement and name! The Concord Greenspace Coalition is now simply “Concord Greenspace'' and referred to as “CG3”. The “3” refers to the three priorities we advocate for:

While this might sound like a change in direction, we feel that this change in language more accurately reflects the work we’ve already done and the lens we’ll use to take on new projects! Let’s break down what these priorities mean:


"Smart growth" covers a range of sustainable development and conservation strategies that help protect the natural environment, our health, and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger, and more socially diverse. These strategies preserve natural lands by reusing already developed land and infrastructure and stress efficiency over sprawl (Grow up, not out!). Learn more here.


Equitable development is an approach for meeting the needs of underserved communities through policies and programs that reduce disparities while fostering places that are healthy and vibrant. At CG3, we envision a Concord in which all residents in all neighborhoods can enjoy living in a city that is healthy, safe and thriving. Learn more here.


CG3 believes that smart, sustainable development is one of our best strategies for reducing emissions and enhancing preparedness for future climate impacts. In 2018, the City of Concord adopted the critical goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050. CG3 advocates for and supports the work being done to achieve the city’s climate goals. Learn more here.

Our New Approach

To date, our work has been to quickly organize the community around impactful projects from a reactive stance. Moving forward, CG3 will use a proactive approach to our initiatives. CG3 will participate in relevant City boards, commissions and committees to stay ahead of decisions that impact the Concord community, and we encourage YOU to join us! We will continue to build our coalition by connecting with community members across Concord and by establishing strong partnerships with local groups and organizations. CG3 takes on projects that have a deep and lasting impact on the Concord community and fit with at least two out of our three mission priorities (smart growth, equitable development, and local climate action). Join us!

Important: We are constantly evolving and rely on YOUR incredible feedback to keep us moving in the right direction! Please keep sending us YOUR thoughts and ideas!

What’s New in the New Year?

Merrimack Riverfront Recreation and Open Space Corridor MASTER PLAN:

On Thursday, January 19 at 6pm the City will hold a public meeting to help create a Master Plan for Kiwanis Riverfront Park (Everett Arena area) and Merrimack River Recreation and Open Space Corridor. The meeting will take place at the City Wide Community Center at 14 Canterbury Road. CG3 will be there advocating for community river access, native trees, and green space. Join us! Click here to learn more.

Overall Master Plan:

The City is gearing up to work on an OVERALL new City Master Plan which will have a heavy emphasis on healthy transportation. CG3 will keep you informed, encourage you to participate, and advocate for our 3 priorities throughout the process. Also, our zoning team continues to explore and support the new zoning ordinance - learn more here.

"Our City Rocks!" Blog Post Series:

We’ll kick off the New Year with a blog series on all the amazing work our City is already doing in the direction of smart growth, equitable development, and local climate action! We plan to highlight the work of city planning, development, and relevant boards, commissions and committees to inspire YOU to get involved! Interested in helping with this series? Contact us!

Civic Health Initiative:

CG3 believes in an inclusive process for civic engagement so that all Concord residents can authentically participate in the decision making processes that impact their lives. In 2023, we will launch our Civic Health Initiative to reach out to, and empower, underrepresented individuals and communities to bring critical voices to the table. Learn more here.

Addressing Urban Canopy Loss & Climate Goals:

In 2023, we’ll be working with the Concord Energy & Environment Advisory Committee (CEEAC) and the Conservation Committee Tree Subcommittee to support their work around local climate action and addressing urban canopy loss.

Ongoing CG3 Projects:

We continue to work on the I-93/Deck Park initiative, the Middle School Rebuild, and the New Zoning project. For updates on these initiatives, and to get involved, click here.

Support Our Work

From the permanent removal of Langley Parkway from the city’s CIP to successfully advocating for a deck park and river bridge feasibility study, the Concord Greenspace Coalition worked hard for the Concord community in 2022. The CG3 team plans to work harder in 2023!

There are many hidden expenses in this work. To date these costs have been borne by our all-volunteer team. To prevent these expenses from becoming prohibitive or limiting the work we can do, we are in need of financial support. Any amount goes towards our vision of a Concord in which all residents in all neighborhoods can enjoy living in a city that is healthy, safe, and thriving. Donate today. (For a full accounting of how donated money is spent, please contact Treasurer Tim!)


Meet the Board

CG3 is an all-volunteer run New Hampshire Domestic Non-Profit organization. For a complete list of our Leadership Team members click here.