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TPAC Meeting this Thursday 4/28 6-9pm - LP3 is on the agenda- PLEASE BE THERE!

We're requesting a full house of LP3 opposers at the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) this Thursday April 28th 6-9pm. Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 (LP3) is on the agenda and they will take public comment. Located at City Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room. Chris Mertz will meet you at the front door to show you how to get to the conf room. If you haven't attended a TPAC meeting it's a great experience - lots to learn - always interesting - many good people working hard to improve our city. Please be there!

ATTENTION: This Thursday is also the last day for petition signatures to reach the city clerk to go on the budget agenda - anyone can sign the petition even non-residents (there's an "other" option on the ward section). Let's make a huge push to get as many signatures on the petition as possible.



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