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Important Upcoming Events: Middle School Rebuild (TONIGHT!), Community Power Vote, & Loudon Rd Listening Session

Dear Greenspacers,

Please join us for the following important community meetings and mark your calendars to show up in support of Community Power at the March 11th City Council meeting at 7pm (RSVP here for an email reminder)!

1) School Board Meeting -Mon, Feb 5th, 6-8pm

Please join us TONIGHT for the February 5th School Board meeting 6-8pm. The Board will discuss the formation of "working groups" around the middle school rebuild process, including:

  • Programming

  • Sustainability

  • Site design

  • Traffic and transportation

  • Future of the Rundlett site

  • Transition

The agenda is here for your review once posted. Join us to learn more as we continue to hold the School Board accountable to the goals and reasons they gave for relocating the school to Broken Ground.


2) Community Power Public Info Session - Wed, Feb 15th, 6pm

The City of Concord is currently considering the adoption of a Community Power Program for electricity supply. City Council has adopted 100% renewable energy goals for both City operations and residential energy use to meet the challenge of climate change impacts. A Community Power Program will work on behalf of the community to provide affordable electricity and increase use of renewable energy. Join us to learn more!

  • Thursday, February 15th at 6pm

  • City Wide Community Center Auditorium (14 Canterbury Rd)

IMPORTANT: On March 11th at 7pm, City Council will vote on adopting Community Power. Please show up to SUPPORT Community Power...RSVP here to receive a reminder the day before! (See #4 below.)


3) Looking @ Loudon Road: Community Listening Session - Wed, Feb 21st, 6:30-8pm (RSVP here!)

Please join us on February 21st, 6:30-8pm at the City Wide Community Center (14 Canterbury Rd.) to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas on safety, livability, and economic development along the Loudon Road corridor.  We will be joined by several City Councilors.  All are welcome!  Please RSVP here.  

The present moment marks a critical juncture for Loudon Road. The impending Steeplegate Mall redevelopment, Kiwanis/Riverfront Improvement Project, the urgent demand for housing, the proposed ConcordNEXT zoning, the I-93 Deck Park improvement initiative, the increased need for parks, and the increasing loss of Concord's urban tree canopy all make it an opportune time to envision and invest in the Heights. This includes highlighting the rich history of the area and what makes it special and beloved by its residents. 

The urgency for addressing safety on Loudon Road is also evident—two crash-related fatalities in the last 6 months and 1,507 crashes since 2014. Twenty-seven of these crashes involved pedestrians or cyclists underscoring the immediate need to address transportation safety on this vital corridor.  


4) Support Community Power at City Council! Wednesday, March 11th, 7pm (RSVP here)

On March 11th, City Council will vote on adopting Community Power. Please show up to SUPPORT Community Power...RSVP here to receive a reminder the day before! Take your climate action one important step further and email City Council (including the City Clerk) prior to March 11th urging them to vote YES to Community Power. Thank you for taking climate action!

  • Monday, March 11th at 7pm

  • City Chambers

  • RSVP here

Thank you for your continued support and engagement!!


Concord Greenspace

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