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"Greenspace" or something more wide-ranging? Chime in on Nov 3rd & meet State Senator Becky Whitley!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Join us on November 3rd from 6-9pm at the City Wide Community Center for our COALITION MONTHLY MEETING - it's gonna be a big one and we'd love for YOU to participate! Since the Coalition's birth in April 2022, our focus has been to protect green space through standing up for smart, sustainable (density over sprawl) development. At September's meeting there was consensus around widening our scope to best serve the Concord community. Chime in this Thursday as we decide the direction of our growing organization, define our group values, and craft our mission statement. All are welcome! Please RSVP.


NH State Senator Becky Whitley will be joining us for the first half to say a few words, learn about our organization, and, like YOU, to help set our course!

We will provide TASTY SNACKS and please feel free to bring something to share!

Monthly Meeting Details:

  • November 3rd 6-9pm

  • City Wide Community Center (14 Canterbury Rd)

  • Program Room 1

  • Please RSVP here!




I-93 Expansion PUBLIC HEARING!

Be heard on the I-93 Expansion project! Is it right for Concord? Where do you stand? How do you feel about a deck park and river bridge to connect Concord and to gain access to the riverfront? Join us at this critical public hearing!

  • November 14th 7-11pm

  • City Chambers - 37 Green Street Concord NH

  • Please RSVP here.


Part-2 Middle School Location & Design Community Workshop

On November 16th from 6-8pm the Concord Greenspace Coalition will host Part 2 of the Middle School project community workshop to include the Superintendent and School Board members. The focus will be on YOUR priorities for the Middle School location & design. Learn more here & RSVP here!

  • Part 2 - November 16th 6-8pm

  • City Wide Community Center Auditorium (14 Canterbury Rd. Concord)

  • Middle School REBUILD webpage here.


School Board Capital Facilities Meeting

The Director of Facilities and Planning for the Concord School District will be presenting updates and recommendations on the Middle School project to the School Board this Wednesday. Come listen with us!

  • November 2nd 5:30-6:30pm

  • Open to the public but no public comment.

  • School District Conference Room - Lower floor - 38 Liberty St, Concord, NH 03301


Middle School REBUILD Community Webpage

We’ve created a community website page for community input on the Middle School project - check it out here!

To add YOUR feedback use our feedback form here!

Learn why Rebuild@Rundlett is changing course to Middle School REBUILD! here.

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