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Email City Council ASAP & SHOW UP Tuesday 10/11 for the I-93 City Council meeting!

Greetings friends,

It is critical that City Council hear from YOU right NOW by email on the I-93 expansion project. NHDOT will give their presentation on I-93 expansion to City Council tomorrow night - 10/11 City Chambers 7-11pm. TPAC has issued recommendations to City Council and the Mayor announced his plan to request funding from Council for a deck park/river bridge feasibility study by a firm specializing in deck parks. All will be discussed. Show up to show your support for highway minimization and a deck park/river bridge/MGRT boardwalk for Concord! (This is a public meeting but with no public comment - your presence will be felt.)

Weigh in NOW by writing to City Council!


  • Minimize highway widening - 8 lane expansion is unacceptable.

  • Focus on fixing bridges and interchanges.

  • Obtain a deck park/river bridge feasibility study by a firm specializing in deck parks (to include deck park alternatives with comparable benefits).

  • Ensure highway plans do NOT preclude deck park/river bridge (or comparable) opportunities.

  • Design the highway with a designated speed at 55 mph not 70 mph.

  • Design the expansion around the current traffic needs - not outdated data.

  • Improve safety design at interchanges for bikes/pedestrians.

  • Reduce the barrier effect of the railroad.

  • Provide more accommodation and safety considerations for bicyclists and pedestrians especially around multi-lane exits.

  • Provide barrier protected bike lanes on major commuting routes.

  • Provide plans clearly demonstrating "transitions" that tell drivers they are leaving the highway and entering a low speed city or neighborhood environment.

  • Include high quality streetscaping and landscaping at all interchanges.

  • Engage in a robust public process including workshops & charrettes - MUCH has changed in Concord since 2019!​​​

City Council emails:

Join us at the City Council meeting tomorrow night!

  • Tuesday, October 11th 7-11pm

  • City Chambers - 37 Green Street Concord (2nd floor)

  • RSVP here.

  • No public comment but your presence will be felt!


Concord Greenspace Coalition

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