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DON'T FORGET! We need YOUR input on I-93 expansion & a deck park/bridge by Sept 29th!

Hello friends,

We need YOUR input on the upcoming I-93 expansion project and the 20+ year old vision for a deck park & pedestrian river bridge for Concord! Use our community request page here to submit your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. We will compile and email your input to the Transportation Policy and Advisory Committee (TPAC), the Mayor, and City Council before the Sept 29th I-93 TPAC meeting... OR ... come to the meeting and be heard in person!!

  • TPAC I-93/Deck Park Meeting - 9/29 6-9pm - RSVP here.

  • Location: City Chambers next to City Hall

The Mayor would like Concord residents to answer the following questions below. You can answer in person at the above meeting or on our community request page here.

  • What does “access”or “connection” to the river mean to you? Is it dipping your toes in the river? Is it launching a boat from a dock? Is it an unobstructed view from a community park? (PS. a deck park will give you access to all three!)

  • What does a Deck Park mean to you? What is the possibility?

  • Would a bridge be sufficient?

We need strong community input now from individuals like YOU!


The Concord Greenspace Coalition

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