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8 NEXT STEPS to keep up the momentum!

Thanks to all who attended last night's public meeting at Bishop Brady High School - it was great to see such a turnout and hear so many great ideas! We reached 500 petition signatures last night and had over 100 residents in attendance. Let's keep up the momentum!

We'll be distributing talking points, the video of the meeting, info on how to pick up a yard sign, and more resources in the coming days. In the meantime here are 8 things you can do to keep up the momentum going:

  1. SAVE THE DATE for Thursday, June 2 at 5:30pm - this is the night of the City of Concord Budget Hearings and we'll need a big turnout to show our unified community opposition to this project. This is the pivotal meeting for removing LP3 from the budget. Please plan ahead with babysitters, after school activities, and feel free to bring your kids - civics lesson at it's best! For more info or to RSVP please click here.

  2. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who live in other parts of Concord (not just Ward 5) Share your story and your concerns. Encourage them to sign the petition on our website homepage and ask them to join you on Thursday June 2nd at the budget meeting. The more communities of Concord we have represented, the better our chances are. We need a big crowd!

  3. Call and write your City Councilors & the Mayor - Share your concerns! Please read this post before talking to your city councilor so you're prepared for the common response. We'll post more talking points soon. Our new talking points will include constructive alternatives to LP3 and related issues (not just opposing factors) for instance: purchasing the 4th ambulance, repairing Little Pond and Fisk Roads, time the lights downtown for better traffic flow, turn the community nature trail into an accessible "wellness trail" (to be one of the very few accessible nature trails in Concord), and more. City Councilor contact list.

  4. Connect with INFLUENCERS - People with influence can help forward our cause greatly. If you know folks in your community who might have influence to help us - let us know

  5. Adopt a Spot - A meeting attendee mentioned looking into turning the trail into an Adopt a Spot - can someone look into this for us? Connect at

  6. Get the word out on Social Media - Share your concerns on social media and direct folks to our community website -

  7. Make a Homemade Sign - We're going to order more yard signs but please also consider making a homemade yard sign. Homemade signs really show how engaged the community is and how much individuals care.

  8. Keep the ideas coming! - Not only do we need your great ideas but we need you to help implement them - if you have more great ideas - let us know and we'll help create a team to move them forward!

LP3 is a project that doesn't add up for our community. Not now, not ever. Let's keep the momentum going to defeat the Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 project once and for all.

Thanks so much,

Concord Greenspace Coalition

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