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What's happening at Concord Greenspace?

Hello Everyone,

We hope you're enjoying the summer and beating the heat. Here’s what’s happening at Concord Greenspace and how YOU can get involved!

On June 28th, a group of Coalition members came together to discuss the overall direction of the Coalition. Here's what we came up with...

Coalition Building

Concord Greenspace recognizes that a true “coalition” has representatives from every part of the community, so we are working to do just that! Join us as we ramp up our coalition building efforts around Concord to connect and listen to community members like you:

  • What issues around green spaces are important to you?

  • How do you feel about growth and development in Concord?

  • Are walkability and rollability important to you?

  • What barriers to civic engagement do you experience?

Your input is crucial, and we're here to listen! Join us!

If you’d like to help organize a LISTENING SESSION in your neighborhood contact us at!

Sustainable Development

What is your vision for the growth and development of Concord? Do you value walkability/rollability? Do you want zoning that favors density over suburban sprawl? Do you believe in zoning that supports a financially-resilient city? Join the discussion by joining our Sustainable Development Team who are hard at work reviewing the new Zoning Ordinance draft. Zoning laws have a deep and lasting impact on the way cities grow. Be heard by attending the City’s public presentations on Phase 1 & 2 of the Zoning plan.

UPDATE: The Sustainable Development team is officially a

local chapter of Strong Towns and one of the first chapters

in New England!

Growing Together

Everyone deserves access to the many benefits of green space. Join us to reclaim and revive paved spaces in Concord by planting trees, bringing back native plants, and giving new life to the more urban areas of our city. The Growing Together team is led by master gardener Hannah MacBride. Email with "Growing Together" in the subject line to connect with Hannah to plan a "Planting Party" in your neighborhood! Together we can grow a vibrant, green community for all our residents.

Are you part of a community organization and want to connect with us? Contact us at!

Oh, and check out our updated website - it's an evolution!


The Concord Greenspace Coalition

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