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VOTE TOMORROW for Sustainable Development and Climate Action

Concord's elected officials are responsible for environmental and zoning policies that affect our city's growth and development and our climate's future. But research shows that voters who care about the environment don’t vote as often as they should. By voting in tomorrow's municipal election, you bring your values of environmentalism, local climate action, protecting green spaces, and sustainable development to the ballot box and EVERY VOTE MATTERS!

Polls are open from 7AM to 7PM; make a plan to vote today and we will see you there! If you don't know what ward you live in, please refer to the City of Concord's ward map here.

Polling place locations by ward:

  • Ward 1: Merrimack Valley High School Gymnasium; 106 Village Street (this is a new location! Previously it was at the Immaculate Conception Church on Bonney Street)

  • Ward 2: The Barn at Bull Meadow; 63 Bog Road

  • Ward 3: Beaver Meadow School; 40 Sewalls Falls Road (this is a new location! Previously it was at the golf course)

  • Ward 4: Green Street Community Center; 39 Green Street

  • Ward 5: Christa McAuliffe School; 17 N. Spring Street (Rumford Street / Gymnasium entrance)

  • Ward 6: Christ the King Parish Hall; 72 South Main Street (accessible via Thorndike Street for those with vehicles they need to park, and via the driveway on State Street across from where Laurel Street ends for pedestrians)

  • Ward 7: Abbot-Downing School; 152 South Street

  • Ward 8: Bektash Temple; 189 Pembroke Road

  • Ward 9: Citywide Community Center; 14 Canterbury Road

  • Ward 10: Broken Ground School; 51 South Curtisville Road

Concord Greenspace Coalition is a non-partisan nonprofit organization that does not endorse candidates.


The Concord Greenspace Coalition

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