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(Urgent!) We need your help to urge the School District to REBUILD @ RUNDLETT.

Greetings Concord community,

As you know, the Coalition launched the Rebuild @ Rundlett initiative and it has taken off with over 200 petition signatures in less than 2 weeks! Sign the petition here.

Importantly, the R@R team has put together responses to common questions about rebuilding at the existing location. This information is key to understanding the current situation - please read:

Existing Site Concerns Response
Download PDF • 86KB

South Street Parcel Info (1)
Download PDF • 1.81MB


  1. Your voice matters! Attend and testify at the June 6th School Board meeting - 6pm - RSVP (Central Office Board Room, 38 Liberty St, Concord, NH 03301) urging the district to rebuild at Rundlett.

  2. Email the School Board, Superintendent and School District. Feel free to use the template below and include your personal concerns.

  3. Sign the petition here.

  4. Pick up a yard sign by emailing for pick up location!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Concord Greenspace Coalition


Template to Email the School Board, Superintendent & School District

Subject: Rebuild @ Rundlett

Dear School Board, Superintendent and School District,

My name is (INSERT NAME HERE) and I live on (INSERT NAME OF STREET/ROAD/ETC HERE) in Ward (INSERT CITY WARD HERE). I have deep concerns about the relocation of the middle school to the CenterPoint property on Clinton Street. My intention is NOT to slow down the Concord School District from obtaining grant funding but to urge the District to submit the application for School Building Aid grant without listing any existing site deficiencies.

I am concerned that the School District has not completed a full alternatives analysis of the CenterPoint site vs the existing site and listing perceived deficiencies of the existing site without that full evaluation may prevent choosing the existing site in the future. I am asking the School District to honor their repeated statement that a final decision has not been made, particularly given the need to correct the record re: the size of the existing site with the public.

Issues still to be evaluated:

  • The incorrect lot size for the existing parcel has been provided to the public during the public involvement process. This was an unintentional error, but the School District has misstated the size of the parcel as 11 ac, when it is measured to be greater than 19 ac. The School District needs to complete a survey of the property before proceeding and correct the record with the public.

  • Safe Routes to School (SRTS) evaluations were completed for the existing Rundlett site between 2008-2013. No SRTS evaluation has been completed for the CenterPoint site. A new evaluation of both sites for comparison should be conducted, including a speed study to compare vehicle travel speeds.

  • Consideration of equity related to walkability of schools.

  • Impacts to the character of the South End neighborhood.

  • Impacts to the community gardens on Birch Street.

  • Impacts to wetlands, habitat, and farmland on CenterPoint site.

  • Traffic evaluations and comparison.

  • Crash record analysis comparison.

Ultimately, I would like the School Board to choose to rebuild the middle school on the existing site. We hope to work with CenterPoint and the City to consider placing the property into conservation to preserve this valuable green space and prime community farm land.

Thank you so much for your time and service.



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