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TOP PRIORITY ACTION! - Show up and be heard at the CITY BUDGET HEARINGS (6/2 & 6/9 5:30pm City Hall)

To remove Langley Parkway Extension 3 from the budget once and for all, we MUST show up en masse to the upcoming budget hearings. We need everyone to voice their concerns by testifying. Please make a plan to be there now. Reach out to friends - rally them to come and wear GREEN.

  • Plan ahead. 5:30pm is an impossible time for many of us - please make a plan now to be there. Reach out if you need a ride or child care - we can make this possible together.

  • Please wear GREEN to show solidarity!

  • Priority testifying: If you can't stay long - let us know - we'll make sure you testify first. Priority to those who need to resume caretaker duties or have health issues.

  • Testify no matter what. If they say: "Consider not testifying if your neighbor has already said what you were going to say." TESTIFY ANYWAY. It is your right to speak and it's really important that ALL our voices are heard.

  • Speak to your experience. We will provide general talking points but it's best if you speak to your experience.

  • Submit written testimony. Write your testimony down and hand it in as public record. If you're unable to attend you can submit written testimony.



  • Writing a Letter to the Editor in the Patch or Monitor helps spread the word about opposition to LP3 and encourages folks to come out to the hearings.

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