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Rebuild@Rundlett: IMPORTANT UPDATE for Tomorrow's School Board Meeting

We want to be clear with everyone that the Middle School project is not on the agenda for tomorrow night’s School Board meeting (6pm 6/6/22) and no presentation or discussion of the project will occur, HOWEVER there will be opportunity to speak at the end of the meeting, and we urge you to show up for this important opportunity to be heard. We've been told that we are welcome to attend the meeting and speak at the end.

A few members of the R@R team plan to speak about our concerns and importantly address the request for the District to submit the application for School Building Aid grant without listing any existing site deficiencies.

It will have greater impact if others show up in support of these speakers, but we also don't want people to be disappointed that the topic is not on the agenda. We plan to submit all petition signatures and accompanying comments and concerns. Please SIGN THE PETITION here.

We've been told the School Board is planning another meeting to discuss the Middle School project at the end of June.

The agenda for the meeting can be found on the School District website at

Thank you so much,

The R@R Team

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