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Rebuild @ Rundlett

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Greetings Concord community,

At the LP3 public meeting, the Concord Greenspace Coalition was approached by residents from Ward 7 about a concern in their ward: relocation of Rundlett middle school to the CenterPoint property on Clinton Street with implications for the existing green space at that location.

We reviewed their arguments, consulted with local experts, and decided to empower them with the tools to advocate and organize around a better solution: Rebuild @ Rundlett (R@R). We ask that you take a few moments to read the arguments below (and watch the brief video) and decide if you think the relocation to CenterPoint is the right move for Concord. If not, please sign the petition and attend the next School Board meeting on June 6th at 6pm. The School District is moving fast with the relocation plan so we don't have much time to voice our concerns for Concord's green space and smart development. Check out the informational video here.

Thanks so much,

The Coalition

P.S. We will be sending out an update and CALL TO ACTION on the Langley Parkway Phase 3 extension tomorrow. In the meantime, please hold next Thursday 6/2 on your calendars for an important hearing on the city's budget. More information is available here.



​The Concord School District has proposed relocating the new middle school to the CenterPoint Church property on Clinton Street placing students on a dangerous commuting corridor. This car-only plan negatively impacts walkability and opens the door for urban sprawl. Developing the CenterPoint land irreparably destroys critical green space supporting the last north/south wildlife corridor in Concord.

Let's sustainably rebuild Rundlett onsite in order to:

Let's stay true to the City's Master Plan (Vision 20/20) proposing:

  • A vibrant, livable downtown.

  • Neighborhoods served by walkable villages.

  • Preservation and access to the natural environment.

We hope to work with CenterPoint and the City to consider placing the property into conservation to preserve this valuable green space and prime community farm land. For a closer look click here.


  • SIGN THE PETITION by June 5th!

  • Attend and testify at the June 6th School Board Meeting - RSVP - if you can't attend submit your written testimony.

  • Help distribute yard signs & fliers.

  • Spread the word! Send emails, talk to folks about the issue, and post on social media.

  • Share the website far and wide!

  • Join the RAR team on Facebook!


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