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Part 4: "Health & Safety"

Updated: May 11, 2022

Part 4 of the Presentation for the 5/11 LP3 Informational Public Meeting:

Powerpoint Presentation - "Health & Safety" - By Dr. Christopher Mertz

Health and Safety Presentation Chris Mertz
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The argument that building phase 3 of Langely Parkway will save lives is not accurate:

  1. Ambulances are not taxis picking up and delivering patients passively to emergency departments.

  2. Ambulances are rolling medical intensive care units staffed by medical professionals who administer life saving care on the scene and prior to arrival in the hospital.

  3. Survival depends on the time to get to the patient ("Response Time"), not how long it takes to get to the hospital ("Prehospital time")

  4. The Fire Department Study from 2022 included recommendations for station renovations, relocation of stations, adding a 5th station, in addition to increasing administrators and adding a 4th ambulance - page 4 of the study. It concluded optimal response time (less than 4 minutes) and survival therefore depends on EMS location. The study found relocating the fire stations to respond more quickly to underserved areas or adding a 5th fire station would improve 4 minute response time.

  5. Unfortunately, the city council and mayor chose in March 2022 to move Penacook's Manor Fire Station ambulance (responsible for 19.1% of all calls in Concord) to North State Street Fire Station instead of adding a 4th ambulance. It is important to remember that testimony provided at a recent city council meeting reflected the ambulance was placed in service at Manor station to improve response time. This decision to remove the ambulance from the Manor station prolongs response times in the northern half of the city and potentially adds to increasing mortality in Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10.

  6. The Fire Department has requested a 4th ambulance every year for FIVE years (Public Safety Board minutes: 5/3/21; 6/29/20; 9/30/19; 4/9/18; 4/24/17), it’s been needed since BEFORE the COVID pandemic. It's high time we prioritize the heroes that have responded to the greatest medical crisis of our time and spend $1.4 million to add a fourth ambulance and life saving medical staff - not construct a $22 million dollar road.

Concord NH Station Location (2)
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