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From Words to Action: Why Concord Needs a Sustainability Director (Email City Council!)

Greetings Greenspacers,

Our local climate action team has been working with the Concord Energy and Environment Advisory Committee (CEEAC) to determine priority action items that will have the most significant impact on our city's environmental sustainability. After careful consideration and discussion, we have identified two critical actions that we believe the City should take:

  1. To adopt Community Power (which we’ll address in a separate post), and

  2. To hire a full-time city Sustainability Director. (Job Description here.)

Creating a full-time Sustainability Director position is necessary to develop an overarching city sustainability strategy that reflects and activates the city’s values on energy and emissions, open space, biodiversity, tree cover, solid waste reduction, and water quality. The position will play a pivotal role in implementing the city's climate commitments and ensuring that Concord meets its goals of 100% Renewable Energy and net zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050. Without a dedicated expert to develop and implement a strategy, leverage resources, and drive toward measurable outcomes, these goals may remain unfulfilled.

One potential objection to creating the position is cost. However, the Sustainability Director would have the expertise to identify and apply for grants that will cover not only the cost of this position but also contribute to the funding for infrastructure investments that will result in energy savings for the City, making it a sustainable and cost-effective position.

This position has sat on the back burner of the budget for way too long. Let’s move it into the 2023-2024 budget (being prepared now), and fill this position as soon as possible to ensure that these sustainability values are more than just words on paper.

With higher temperatures, milder winters, reduced air quality, concerns around waste reduction, the loss of urban canopy, and soaring energy prices, we cannot afford to delay any longer. We urge all members of the Concord community to take action and help make this position a reality. Email your city councilor and cc the city clerk) today to express your support for creating a full-time Sustainability Director position. Together, we can build a more sustainable future for Concord.


  1. Email your City Councilors and include the City Clerk - contacts here.

  2. Join our Local Climate Action Team (CAT) by emailing

  3. Come to the Concord Energy & Environment Advisory Committee (CEEAC) monthly meetings to hear more about climate action in Concord. Next meeting April 26th 6-8pm City Chambers on Green Street.


Concord Greenspace




SAVE THE DATE for the collaborative Concord Climate "Stocktake" Event (Taking stock of Concord's climate action progress!)

  • Monday, May 22nd

  • 6 PM - 8 PM

  • City Wide Community Center

  • Facilitation by Gerri King

  • Details to come!


State of the City 2023

State of the City is available to view at on Concord TV's YouTube channel here!

  • 11:11 - Police Officer of the Year: Officer Evan Christy

  • 5:27 - Firefighter of the Year: Battalion Chief Derek Kelleher

  • 16:23 -Housing (hints at new development at SteepleGate Mall)

  • 29:26 - Heights Sewer Improvements

  • 30:33 I-93 Concord/Bow - Loudon Road Bridge improvements

  • 32:20 - Merrimack River Greenway Trail

  • 33:40 - McKee Square Roundabout Improvement Plan

  • 34:27 - Sustainability. LED Street Light Replacement Program, Hall Stree Solar Grant Wastewater Plant, Electric Aggregation Plan - Work Group on Community Power, Essex Hydro longterm net metering agreement, 36:25 solar and EV charging opportunities

  • 36:40 Financial Management - back to a balanced budget

  • 39 I-93 - Q&A

  • 51:42 - Memorial Field

  • 53:30 - Recreation - Keach park


Concord Approves Automated Trash Collection and New Disposal Site with New Solid Waste Contracts

For details check out the press release here.


Concord's Blue Bag Program

Spring is here and Earth Day is Saturday, it is a great time to get outside and clean up some litter! Consider participating in the City of Concord's Blue Bag Program! It's a free and easy way to organize a litter clean-up of a public space or roadway in Concord. Fill out a release form, pick up blue bags at the General Services office (311 North State Street), perform a clean-up, leave the bags roadside, and then notify the General Services office when you're done and we'll collect the bags! It's that easy!

It's a great way to volunteer, keep our community clean, and protect our local environment - a perfect spring activity! Individuals, groups, and organizations can all participate.


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