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Donate to Concord Greenspace on NH Giving Day - Tues, June 11th!

Greetings Greenspacers,

Concord Greenspace (CG3) is participating in NH Giving Day on Tuesday, June 11th - our only fundraiser for 2024. Along with many other NH-based charities, we are encouraging everyone to donate to their favorite causes and are hoping that you choose to donate to CG3. We will be reminding you again closer to the day, but you might want to take a peek at our fund-raising site now (click here) and link it to your social media and add the attached reminder to your calendar. 

We have set some aspirational preset donation amounts on the site to give you some ideas on the costs of maintaining CG3. However, we understand that there are many calls on your charitable giving and hope that you can make a donation of any size to CG3. 

Thank you for helping to support Concord Greenspace!

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