Trails & River Program


Concord is an incredible spot for outdoor enthusiasts, and with some nudging could be in league with some of the best adventure travel destinations in the nation.  Set on the Merrimack River in the foothills of the White Mountains, Concord has the raw natural resources most towns dream of.  Our vision is to connect and collaborate with the various local trail organizations and the city to improve our trail systems and access.

Also, we envision a waterfront that serves as a protected, natural interconnected community resource.  The Merrimack river is an under-utilized, under-appreciated resource that the Concord City Council’s greenway trail is intending to bring to the forefront of Concord’s outdoor recreational scene.  We plan to support efforts to maximize the sustainable use and health of the Merrimack river.

Varied Terrain

Concord Greenspace will work with the city council, city planners, and residents to expand and enlarge the trail options with a goal of varied terrain from stroller and wheelchair friendly routes to serene hiking trails taking advantage of glorious lake and mountain views to fast and flowing mountain biking trails.  In addition, we seek increased access to the waterway resources for kayakers, SUP’s, canoers, swimmers, and fishers.  

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Local Collaboration

There are many trail-loving groups and organizations in and around Concord already working on trail health and connectivity.  The Trail team works to connect with these organizations and collaborate, support and enhance their hard work.  Check out the Merrimack River Greenway, Abenaki Trail Project, the City's Conservation Commission Trails Subcommittee, Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail, and so much more!

Trail Health

​Concord already has a dedicated but unconnected and informal group of volunteer trail maintenance volunteers who venture out alone to keep their favorite trails clear and usable.  What we need next is a symbiotic relationship between these volunteers and city planners via involvement in the Recreation and Parks committee and the trail sub-committee so that we can voice our concerns and opinions to policy-makers and they can call on us for support.  

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Trail Portal

We envision a real time trail portal - an interactive map where volunteers and the city trail managers can update trail problems and needs, volunteers can update fixes, trail status such as closures can be marked and birders and others can mark interesting sighting locations.