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Team Leaders

The responsibilities of a team leader(s) include:

  • Sets meeting dates/time/location

  • Sets & maintains regular meeting schedule if needed.

  • Submits request to team for agenda items & creates agendas on Google Docs and prints copies for meetings.

  • Moderates meetings:

    • Creates a welcoming inclusive environment.

    • Sets the goals for the meeting at the beginning of the meeting.

    • Assigns team member to take notes.

    • Keeps discussion on task.

    • Keeps everyone in line with our pillar of staying positive and focusing on "what we do want" over "what we don't want."

    • Ensures everyone gets to speak and no one is dominating the conversation.

    • Enforces "ouch"

  • Ensures team writes up notes in Google Docs and emails notes to Leadership Team.

  • Coordinates the writing of any blog posts and "calls to action" necessary.

  • Attends meetings related to the initiative.

  • Advocates in the community around the initiative.

  • Coalition builds around the initiative.

  • Communicates with stakeholders.

  • Communicates with the Leadership team.

  • Manages the initiatives social media.

  • Gives Team status report at monthly meeting.

  • Submits any expenses to the treasurer.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BECOMING A TEAM LEADER! It is so incredibly rewarding.  

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