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Imagine what Concord would look like if we removed Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 section a/b (CIP 40) from the budget and replaced it with a 10-12’ wide non-motorized, shared use path. This path links up to the Merrimack River Greenway Trail, also a shared use path, creating a north, south, east and west means of non-motorized travel. Visitors coming to Concord can choose to go north to the golf course, south to our wonderful downtown, east to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, NHTI, conservation area, or west to 22+ miles of hiking trails. We would be encouraging visitors to explore the best of our City on foot and by bike. Our tax base would rise because there are more reasons to come, stay and play in Concord, increasing the assessed value of our commercial properties and reducing the burden on taxpayers. 

This isn’t a new idea, in fact, it has been baked into many of our Master Plans that assumed we would only have these connections and benefits if Langley Parkway Phase 3 was built as it was designed in the 1950s. We're suggesting we update the CIP to reflect the values we currently hold and the environment we live in today: addressing the climate crisis at the local level, equitable access to city amenities, and economic development through community building and highlighting our natural resources.

Included below are some of the maps from our Master Plans. 

Let’s reinforce our connections to each other, our community and our planet.

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