Sustainable Development


Welcome to the Greenspace Sustainable Development initiative.  Our team works hard to learn about, discuss, and engage the community on important development projects that impact green space and the Concord community.  


  What is your vision for Concord? Do you want a city that...

  • Prioritizes the preservation of green space and revitalizes dilapidated areas?​  

  • Sustainably addresses the housing shortage?

  • Connects the east & west sides of I-93 with a pleasant, walk/rollable connector that includes river access to downtown?

  • Prioritizes walkable villages that preserve the historical character of our City?

  • Sustainably develops its waterfront into an interconnected community resource?

  • Enables transit from one neighborhood to the next using green infrastructure?

  • Promotes recreational resources that make it a regional outdoor tourism destination​? 

  • Develops infrastructure to help end homelessness?  

If so, join the Sustainable Development team!​  Check out our Green Transportation Subcommittee.

Important Upcoming Meetings
I-93 Expansion TPAC Meeting
Multiple Dates
Sep 29, 6:00 PM EDT
City Hall (2nd Floor Conference Room)

Zoning, Zoning, Zoning!

Currently, the City is working to adopt new Zoning Ordinances.  Zoning laws have a deep and lasting impact on how our city develops. Join our Sustainable Development team and get involved in the development of our City.  Attend the ConcordNEXT interactive public presentations on Phase 1 of the new Zoning Ordinances.  Check out why zoning matters and how you can get involved here.

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A New Master Plan

The City is gearing up to work on a new City Master Plan.  Do you have ideas?  Join us!

Green Transporation

Concord Greenspace has a green transportation sub-committee for all those passionate about walkability and bikeablity.  Check it out!