Rebuild @ Rundlett

​The Concord School District has proposed relocating the new middle school to the CenterPoint Church property on Clinton Street making it a driving-only destination.  Currently located in a highly walkable and bikeable neighborhood, relocation places students on a dangerous commuting corridor, increases traffic, causes further congestion, and increases accident risk to children and families.  


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Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 (LP3)

A huge win for Concord!


Thanks to the efforts of the Coalition community, LP3 was successfully removed from the Capital Improvement budget on June 9th, 2022.  Next steps are underway to put Langley Parkway section 3a permanently into conservation.  The existing nature trail attracts and connects people of all ages and supports a thriving recreational community. 


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City of Concord Zoning Ordinance Adoption

Currently, the City is working to adopt new Zoning Ordinances.  Zoning laws have a deep and lasting impact on how our city develops. Join our Sustainable Development team now and get involved in ensuring the new zoning plan is in line with your vision for our City.  


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