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6:30pm @ Bishop Brady HS Library

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 Public Meeting 
 at Bishop Brady High School Library 
 May 11th 6:30-9:30pm 

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$22+ Million with no clear deliverables
Destruction of habitats & community resources
Enough is enough.  

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What is the Langley Parkway Phase 3 Proposal?

The Langley Parkway extension Phase 3 is currently broken up into two sections: the first section of the parkway extension is designated to go from the Concord Hospital entrance through to Auburn Street.  The second section would go from Aubur to the bottom of Peacook and North State streets.


The first section, currenlty used as a nature trail. provides people with access to numerous trails and connects neighborhoods to teh trails,  and will be paved over.  Would take land from Lincoln Financial 

at the bottom of Penacook  significant impact on the residential units at teh bottom of Penacook street

 The extension will continue down from the trail at Auburn Street to connect to North State Street (see yellow dotted line in photo).   The parkway is proposed to be between 62 and 78 feet wide, destroying a wide swath of natural habitat making it difficult to access miles of public recreation trails and conservation land.  

The second section will take a large swath of developable land from the former Lincoln Financial site will also divert traffic through established neighborhoods.  the terminus at the bottom of impacting the quality of life of folks living 


It will take a significant swath of land from the Lincoln Financial  Taxpayers will fund a 22 million dollar+ with no clear deliverables at the expense of wetland habitat, private property and greenspace.

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Based on the feasibiltiy report from 2013 (yes, much has changed since then), Concord Hospital, their lobbyists, developers, and City Officials claim that the public benefits of the Langley Parkway project include:

  • Congestion relief, improved traffic flow, and enhanced pedestrian safety in the older, densely populated neighborhood, north and west of downtown Concord.  We say: There is current data showing that this would not be the case (and there is a possibility that the parkway could increase traffic through town) - learn more.

  • Enhanced access to major employment and institutional centers along the northwesterly perimeter of the downtown area, including independent access in the event of a blockage along Pleasant Street, Clinton Street, South Fruit Street, Warren Street, or School Street.  We say: The businesses and centers they mention wouldn't benefit from the parkway because they're located in the entirely different direction as Langley parkway would route these commuters - learn more.

  •  Improved access and reduced travel time for emergency vehicles to Concord Hospital.  We say: It is not the reponse time to the hospital that is critical - it is the response time to the call that matters - the fire & rescue department in Penacook has been requesting an ambulance (ER on wheels) for years - learn more.

The reality is Concord Hospital wants to expand and developers want a nice road to their new condos at Liberty Financial - both profiting from the parkway at the expense of the tax payers.  In efforts to dissuade public pressure, the line from these folks has been: “The ward 5 wealthy want their trail while people from Penacook are dying on the way to the hospital" - when in reality they line their pockets at the expense of us all.

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