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Planting a Tree

Support the Growing Together Initiative

YES! I want to help reclaim and revive green spaces in Concord.  I support green advocacy efforts so we can grow and thrive together.

Donations are not tax deductible at this time.

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Growth in Concord

“Will Concord grow?”  Recent statistics say “no”.  So why do we need Concord to grow?  What the Sustainable Development team is learning from Strong Towns resources is, from purely economic basis, cities need more people to meet the costs of failing infrastructure. Or, cities need more investment/higher taxes to improve the quality of life in Concord and to attract people to Concord to reduce that rate of tax increase. 


Do you want Concord to grow? If so, how would you like it to grow? If no, how would you prevent growth and the economic need for growth?

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Sustainable Development

Bike Ride

Green Transportation

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Trail Planning & Protection


Civic Engagement


Growing Together


Community Connection


Together we are strong.



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Remove Langely Parkway Phase 3 (CIP40) from the Capital Budget.

Concord community demanding the permanent removal of Langley Parkway Extension Phase 3 from the budget.

Rebuild @ Rundlett

"Keep the Middle School in the MIDDLE!"

Citizens in favor of rebuilding the middle school on the existing site, decreasing cost to taxpayers, preventing increased traffic and congestion, promoting child safety, preserving walkability, 
and protecting the green resources, history and character of our city.  

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Trails Connecting Concord

Let’s reinforce our connections to each other, our community and our planet.

CIP40 Removed!