Growing Together



Everyone deserves access to the many benefits of green space.  Join us to reclaim and revive green spaces by planting trees, bringing back native plants, and giving new life to the more urban areas of our city.   Learn about and connect with local organizations and city programs doing important work around green space.  Together we can grow a vibrant, green community for all our residents. 

Do you have an urban plot of land in Concord that could use native trees and plants and are willing to nurture and maintain them? Let us know!  We have access to trees, plants and planting volunteers - we just need urban homes that will continue to care for them!  
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Growing Together Goals:

  1. Reintegrate trees & green space into paved and urban parts of Concord.

  2. Work with the city to prioritize incorporating native trees & plants into city development projects.

  3. Improve access to shared green spaces for all Concord residents.

  4. Create a sense of community ownership and stewardship of shared green spaces. 

  5. Promote community connection through supporting local events focused on green space.

Currently, the Growing Together team is in the process of connecting with the City's tree committees,  and other groups, organizations, and individuals who are working on the urban canopy.


If you or your local organization, club, church, school, library, or neighborhood association is looking to connect, collaborate or get involved please reach out. 

Benefits of Planting Native Trees & Plants

Trees and plants in the urban setting serve to improve environment health, calm traffic, cool streets, prevent water run-off issues and more!  Planting native species is ideal because they naturally thrive and are easier to maintain than non-native plants.  After native trees and plants are established the need less water and care than non-native species.

Planting Trees

Planting Parties

Do you have an available urban space that needs reviving with native trees and plants? Contact us to plan a "planting party".  Our Growing Together team will come assess your space and collaborate with you to create a sustainable planting, watering, and maintenance plan.  Together, we'll recruit volunteers to come be merry and plant!

We hope to create a sense of community ownership and stewardship of shared green spaces. Contact us to set up a planting party!


Green Education

Growing Together team leader and Master Gardener, Hannah MacBride, offers community workshops and classes through the Concord Parks & Rec on everything from backyard vegetable gardening to planting for pollinators.  Connect with Hannah today to book a private pollinator garden consultation with you and your neighbors, and to find out more about her upcoming offerings. 


Check out Hannah's green living blog at


Community Events in Concord's Green Spaces

Every year Concord's green spaces provide enriching opportunities for residents to come together to enjoy the outdoors in combination with art, music, food, and much more.  Annual community events include: the Concord Farmer's Market, Umuganda, the Multicultural Festival, Talk with a Master Gardener, the Black Ice Tournament, and so much more. 

Plus, every year the City and local organizations put on events that help residents and visitors get active together - often for a good cause!  Check out: Fit for a Cause, Pedaling for Payson and other important events working to improve the health and lives of folks in New Hampshire.