Green Transportation


Have you dreamed of a Concord where you can transit from one neighborhood to the next using green infrastructure such as trails, bike lanes, parks, conservation areas, and community spaces?  Green transit options means less traffic and faster movement for cars. Less traffic means better air quality.  Less cars means safer streets.  Less cars means a quieter, peaceful, more livable city.  We share your dream.  Join us!

The Green Transportation initiative is a sub-committee of Sustainable Development program.  Come to our next meeting!

Bike Ride

Healthy Transportation

A healthy transportation network is the blood of a city, if people can’t get where they need to be, a city can’t function.  Making transportation easy to access and as inexpensive as possible makes for a healthier and more resilient city. 


Using your feet is the most sustainable form of transportation there is. Its free, its relatively easy, and has a number of positive side-effects. We are working to make walking Concord's 1st priority in its transportation system.  This includes well-maintained high-quality sidewalks and amble tree canopy for shade during the summer.  

In addition to walking infrastructure having places to walk to is just as important which means creating mixed use neighborhoods so someone can live walking distance from their school, grocery store, office, or friends house. 

School Kids


When walking isn’t practical need to use your wheels.  We are working to make a multi-use path network that is separated & protected from high speed traffic our city's 2nd most important priority its transportation system.


 Multi-use paths provide people ability to get from A to B using various forms of low speed, wheeled vehicles, whether it’s a wheel chair or roller skates or electric scooter having a safe accessible place to use these vehicles is vital to maintaining a healthy city. 

Mass Transit

Options, options, options.  When you can’t walk or roll you ride.  The 3rd priority in Concord's transportation should be mass transit.  The city currently has mass transit in the form of our City Bus or Concord Area Transit (CAT) this system is reliable and currently free but can always be improved. This system should be expanded to serve as much of Concord as possible, as often as possible. This would mean that shift workers, without a car, don’t have to take expensive taxis to get to and from work, or people, who legally cannot drive, are able to travel to a festival across town, or someone who is physically unable to walk, roll, or drive, can make it to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription on a weekend.  

Vehicle Charging Stations

Low Occupancy/
Personal Vehicles

Purchasing, operating, repairing, registering, and insuring a personal vehicle is one of the largest expenses a person or family has, but to exist in Concord today owning a car is an unspoken requirement. Because of this, cars need to be accommodated within the City’s transportation network.  However, we can rethink car infrastructure to include electric charging stations and solar energy.